Wednesday, June 04, 2008

El Rey Theatre, Los Angeles November 5 1998

John Cale & Company 11-5-98

Here's a bootleg audience recording of the man himself, John Cale performing at the El Rey Theatre, LA.
Quite good quality and a very nice performance from "John Cale and Company". The personnel are not specified on the rather basic cover (scans included), but there is reference on the net to Mark Deffenbaugh and Lance Doss being a part of this show.
There are some unusual elements, including jews harp on Cable Hogue, mouth harp and flute...

1. The Endless Plain of Fortune
2. On A Wedding Anniversary
3.Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
4. Child's Christmas in Wales
5. Buffalo Ballet
6. Chinese Envoy
7. Antarctica Starts Here
8. You Know More Than I Know
9. Set Me Free
10. Cable Hogue
11. Dying On The Vine
12. So Much For Love
13. Heartbreak Hotel
14. Style It Takes
15. Hallelujah
16. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend

part1 part2 @320kbps

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Moffs Demo Cassette

Here's a rare treat from 1984:
This was Sydney psychedelic mop-tops The Moffs first tentative foray into the recording studio...raw and unembellished, with a kind of naivety in keeping with their 1960s influences.

Included in the archive is a high resolution pdf of the band Bio that accompanied the original cassette.

Never officially released, these tracks were ripped from the master audio files @320kbps

Left Side:
01 Horto
02 Ship in the Sky
03 Get the Picture

Right Side:
04 Tombstone
05 Tomorrow Never Knows
06 Confusion

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lee Live!

Here's another fantastic rarity from the great man:
Lee Hazlewood Live in Darmstadt 18.09.2002

apparently not a bootleg, despite appearances...

01 I'm glad I never owned a gun / The performer
02 You look like a lady
03 I move around
04 My autumn's done come
05 Poet, fool or bum
06 Rosacoke street
07 The girls in Paris
08 The house song
09 She comes running
10 Dirtnap stories
11 Strangers, lovers, friends
12 For my birthday
13 So long, babe
14 After six
15 All I've ever lost
16 Drinking Kölsch in Cologne
17 Pray them bars away
18 If it's monday morning
19 These boots are made for walking
20 Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
21 Trouble maker

part 1 | part 2 [192kbps]

a huge thanks to Gerhard and I'm sorry it took so long mate...

Monday, March 03, 2008

Soviet Surfectant

Valery Prikazchikov: Electron & New Electron Quartets - Surf (1965-1970)

After another long and inexcusable lapse in activity:
Here's another Soviet gem of instrumental easy listening, re-presented on this Melodya compilation as "Surf".
I suspect you will agree that the waves could not have been very large on the Black Sea in the 1960s...

[poorly] translated from liner notes:
In 1963, Radio Yunost announced a new young group - quartet Electron. "We decided to call our ensemble so, - wrote the head of "Electron" Valery Prikazchikov - not only because it is based on electric tools. We want to make sure that the execution is modern. Thus I thought the name "Electron" expressed our desire." Today Electron - a popular variety of ensembles, has performed successfully in many cities of the country with programmes and recitals with famous artists of pop. True, its composition has changed over the years, hence the different name - "The new electron." The artistic director - still Valery Prikazchikov (electric guitar), the other members: - B. Gerkulenko (rhythm guitar), Vladimir Pankratov (drums), Vladimir Zaikin (bass guitar). The main repertoire of the New electron: "- pop - dance music, with a vivid and clear rhythm and original instrumentation. So hear "The New Electron" - performing dance pieces by Soviet & foreign composers with arrangements by Valery Prikazchikova. (1969)

01. Electron Quartet - Return (2:33)
02. Electron Quartet - Melody of to-fax "Bum" (2:37)
03. Electron Quartet - Sundial (2:35)
04. Electron Quartet - Cheerful tourists (2:02)
05. Electron Quartet - Four orbit (1:42)
06. Electron Quartet - Evening shadows (2:42)
07. Electron Quartet - Melody of to-fax Sherburgskie "umbrellas" (3:09)
08. Electron Quartet - View (1:46)
09. Electron Quartet - The House of the Rising Sun (2:17)
10. Electron Quartet - New Dance (2:22)
11. Quartet New Electron - Svetlana Lullaby (3:24)
12. Valery Prikazchikov - Watussi (2:57)
13. Quartet New Electron - Grez (3:49)
14. Quartet New Electron - Steps in the night (1:59)
15. Quartet New Electron - Faster audio (2:11)
16. Quartet New Electron - Ten thy smiles (3:37)
17. Quartet New Electron - Solar blink (2:08)
18. Valery Prikazchikov - Continuous motion (1:42)

As with previous Soviet posts, I have taken care to retain the original cyrillic track tags.
If you want English translations, run them through Google Language Tools - as I did with the tracklist above...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

an exceptional artifact of the 60s

Here's something a little different, a recording from 1967 by English based blues artist Gerry Lockran. Even if you're not into blues I recommend giving this a listen, it's a wonderful product of its time...
I think that such a cultural artifact says far more about its own place and time than the culture that it refers to. Like a "historical"movie, once a few years have past, the time of its production overwhelms the time in which it's set...
This music is no exception; the multicultural sensibility and open sexuality is that of 1960s Britain and it belongs in the UK Folk milieu of the time, with groups like The Incredible String Band.


Born in India of Irish & Indian parents, his family emigrated to England in 1953, living in South London. His major influences were Josh White, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Leadbelly, Brownie McGhee and most of all Big Bill Broonzy.

'Blues Vendetta' was his second LP, and featured his powerful fingerpicking style on self -penned compositions like 'Guitar Boogie' and 'Jason's Blues' (written for his three year old son).

During his lifetime Lockran recorded thirteen albums, all of which are now 'deleted'. He continued to write, record and release records up to the end of his career in 1981. While on tour in Belgium and Holland he developed heart problems, culminating in a heart attack and stroke, depriving him of the use of his left hand and sadly ending his career as a professional musician He fought the effects of his stroke, hoping eventually to regain use of his left hand, but sadly this never happened. After six years struggle he suffered a fatal heart attack on 17th November 1987.

Whilst perhaps derivative in style this music is unique in its form; his voice has a richness and depth of tone and the solo guitar playing is delivered with exceptional dexterity and power.
These tracks were restored from a tape made from a very worn and much loved LP.
There is a little distortion but generally the sound is more than acceptable.
One listen and you'll surely recognise a major talent here.
So where are the re-releases?

1. Goin Down The Road (Guthrie, Hays, arranged by Lockran)
2. The Riddle Song (Traditional, arranged by Lockran)
3. Jason's Blues (Lockran)
4. You Don't Learn That In School (Traditional, arranged by Lockran)
5. Get Back (Broonzy)
6. Automechanic Blues (McGhee)
7. Trouble In Mind (Jones)

1. Summertime (G & I Gershwin, Heyward)
2. Guitar Boogie (Lockran)
3. Cocaine Blues (Arnall, Nicholls)
4. Work Song (Adderley, Brown Jr)
5. Goodmornin' Blues (Lomax, Leadbetter)
6. Careless Love (Traditional, lyrics by Koenig & Williams, arranged by Handy)

Blues Vendetta [160kbps mono]

Monday, July 09, 2007

ignite me, baby.

So here is the long awaited sequel to Light My Fire Volume One:
For all those lovers with pyro-immolative aspirations.
Some burn brightly, others smoulder & occasionally fail to catch alight at all...
You be the judge!

01 Tony Hatch 2:32
02 Nancy Sinatra 3:07
03 Johnny Harris 4:49
04 Jose Feliciano 3:11
05 Instrumental Magic 3:45
06 Booker T. And The M.G.'s 4:18
07 Ebony Rhythm Band 6:01
08 Eleazar Martinez Y Su Conjunto 3:12
09 Tokyo's Coolest Combo 4:48
10 Young-Holt Unlimited 2:42
11 Richy Kicklighter 3:29
12 The Larry Page Orchestra 2:49
13 The Free Design 4:39
14 Tony Christie 3:17
15 Pan Pipes 3:15
16 Horace Andy 3:51
17 Isaac Hayes 3:29
18 Avid 4:55
burn, baby burn
file problems fixed!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

back behind the lamé curtain...

The most outspoken music in the Soviet Union

here's another surprise from the soviet era:

1 Мгновенье, стой (For what it`s worth) – Оркестр «Диско», руководитель И.Петренко
2 Приглашение, вокальная импровизация (скэт) – И.Петренко и «Диско»
3 El condor pasa (If I cold) – Е.Дриацкая и В.Артюх
4 Путешественник – Ансамбль п/у А Тартаковского
5 Зелье приворотное – Н.Бродская
6 Час пик – Оркестр Ленинградского радио
7 Хороша была любовь – А.Иванова
8 Devil woman – ВИА «Здравствуй, песня»
9 Маугли – Ансамбль п/у А Тартаковского
10 Калина – ВИА «Оризонт»
11 Скорый поезд № 5 – ВИА «Эстрадные мелодии» п/у Ю.Тишкуса
12 Тогда летим – Е.Дриацкая и В.Артюх

ФАНК! [192kbps]

Monday, May 21, 2007

never enough by any name

Here's a rare promotional B-side from 1962:
Mark Robinson sings "I've made enough mistakes today"

Note the label credits:
Hazlewood & Lee Productions, plus arrangement by Jack Nitzsche (the man largely responsible for what we think of as the Hazlewood sound).
Sylvester was in fact one of Lee's labels...
And Mark Robinson?
Hint: he released his first single "Pretty Jane" in 1958 on Jamie [1103]
judge for yourself [96kbps mono]

PS: anyone seen the A-side "Can't Let Her See Me Cry"?

a few more drops of honey...

Here are a tantalising two tracks from the elusive Honey Ltd. album mentioned in my last post.
Brilliant music (i.e. intelligent and luminous), it just makes me want to hear the full album so much more!
The Warrior has a dark anti-war message wrapped in pure harmonic sunshine. Remarkable to think these babes toured Vietnam for the US troops whilst expressing these sentiments!

on stage in 'Nam, December 1968

These slightly murky examples are from the Boyd Rice compilation "Music for Pussycats" and were mastered from worn vinyl.
I've cleaned them just enough to get rid of the snap, crackle & pop.

The Warrior/Silk and Honey
two tracks [192+VBR LHI-12002]

Thursday, May 17, 2007

limited honeys

here’s a promotional single from Honey Ltd. an all-girl group that recorded on Lee’s label LHI. There’s an excellent and detailed article on this group's history at Perfect Sound Forever. You can find photos and more material here.

Note for completists!
Now included in the zip file are both sides of this single:-
Lee Hazlewood's spoken intro (A-side),
and without it (B-side):

Louie, Louie [96kbps mono LHI-1216]

A self-titled album was apparently recorded and pressed but remains frustratingly elusive — even to the group members themselves!
If anyone has access to this please feel free to make it available!

Thanks to Hunter, the album by subsequent band Eve: Take It and Smile is available in the comments, along with more goodies!

a stray track

For those that don’t read the comments, thanks to Cooper here’s another treat, Lee Hazlewood’s B-side from the single Greyhound Bus Depot, 1969:
Trouble Maker [320kbps LHI-20 B-side]
another classic of Hazlewood irony
This file has been carefully de-clicked from the original posted by Cooper,
hence the different link...

Friday, May 11, 2007

another USSR hidden classic...

La Musique Sovietique - From Palanga to Gurzufa - L’ete 69

Summer 1969
In the summer of 1969, in the USSR a collection of “beach music” was produced specifically for Intourist - the Soviet Tourism agency. Titled "From Palanga to Gurzoufa - Musique Sovietique. L'ete 69. " it was not intended for sale in the USSR, but to be the soundtrack of summer holidays for visitors from abroad. Whilst the word "beach" doesn’t appear on the cover, it is in the air in all respects : in the title, we see today the erotic subtext (69!), and in the selection of tracks, which was surprising.
As with all Inturist aesthetics with its restaurants, and hotels for foreign visitors, the main challenge "From Palanga to Gurzoufa" was to motivate and elicit a foreign audience, with sunny, open, half instrumental, half vocal music. But since this record was the first of its kind, there was guesswork involved. Hence the unusual colours musical material some of which are clearly outside the beach aesthetic.

Decree No. 319
The compilation never saw the light of day however (or should that be ‘the light of dusk‘?). May 20, 1969 the Council of Ministers of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic passed Resolution No. 319, declaring "The chief of Russian culture" should dissolve the entertainment community. In 1970, with huge celebrations of the anniversary of Lenin, the USSR would be entering a new era, whereas beach music conveyed a "message of bourgeois values" and were no longer desirable.

In 2004, at Melodia a team was set up to recover archival tapes of the rarest recordings that were in danger of complete disintegration - an undertaking of monumental proportions. The process was taking its course when in the winter of 2005 a tape box was found with the inscription "concert of Klezmer Festival Rural Folk performances. Third plate. " When the master tape inside was heard, there was confusion: Instead of rural folk it was vivid, original material. Melodia Editors Andrei Troshin and Dmitry Sanagursky investigated further and identified it as this record "From Palanga to Gurzoufa." It turned out that the editor entrusted to destroy the tape in 1969 decided not to follow the infamous decree. To steal the tape was tantamount to suicide, so what has been identified as an excellent compilation of music was hidden in the above box with a description unlikely to attract any negative attention. The finally-released collection is unchanged, all songs are in the order in which they were originally planned, uncompromised by the decrees of Soviet good taste or the whims of more recent fashion.


01 Квартет «Электрон» – Мелодия из к/ф «Бум»
02 Капиталина Лазаренко – Офанона
03 Ансамбль И. Зевина – Хали-гали (Т. Руффо)
04 Анна Герман – Солнечный день
05 Юрий Мухин – Юмореска]
06 Ансамбль «Рококо» – Ленивый шейк
07 Джаз-ансамбль «Балалайка» – Дыхание юга
08 Анна Герман – Дай мне помечтать
09 Квартет «Электрон» – Вернись (М. Домингес)
10 Нина Пантелеева – Продавщица бананов
11 Гюли Чохели –Танцуем вместе (М.Суббота–Л.Дербенев)
12 Валерий Приказчиков – Вечное движение
13 Юрий Мухин – Клен ты мой опавший
14 Джаз-ансамбль «Балалайка» – Тульский самовар

CCCP’69 [192kbps]

Bossa Nova USSR #4

"Life is beautiful music in the USSR"

01 Прогулка (Ю.Касаткин) ВИА «Кобза» п/р О.Зуева
02 Аэлита, из сюиты «Любимые сказки» (А.Быканов) Инструментальный ансамбль п/у А.Корнеева
03 Тайный знак (А.Быканов – А.Горюшкин) М.Магомаев, в сопровождении эстр.-симф. оркестра п/у Ю.Силантьева
04 Воспоминание (Б.Рычков) Ансамбль п/у А.Тартаковского
05 Цветы москвичам (И.Якушенко) Трио И.Якушенко: И.Якушенко (ф-но), И.Кантюков (к-бас), А.Симоновский (ударн.)
06 Синей Ночью (В.Рубашевский – Л.Дербенев) Мария Лукач в сопровождении ансамбля п/у В.Рубашевского
07 Chega de Saudade (No More Blues) (A.C.Jоbim, V. de Moraes) Ансамбль «Вариола»
08 Лирическая босса-нова (М.Семенов) Ансамбль п/у А.Тартаковского
09 Свидание с сентябрем (Ю.Мосеичев) Трио Ю.Мосеичева
10 Антенны (В.Купревич – Н.Турлай) В.Лыньковский в сопровождении ансамбля п/у В.Купревича
11 День рождения (А.Тартаковский) Трио А.Тартаковского: А.Тартаковский (ф-но), И.Виноградов (к-бас), В.Макеев (ударн.)

Босса Нова 4 [192kbps 1963-1976]

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bossa Nova USSR #3

"More of the most beautiful music in the USSR"

01 Дождливая осень - ансамбль п/у А.Тартаковского
02 Грустные дожди - Оркестр п/у В.Людвиковского
03 Только «да» - Валерий Ободзинский
04 Manha De Carnaval - Ансамбль «Мелодия»
05 Возможно - Ансамбль «Миниатюр»
06 А снег идёт - Инструментальный ансамбль
07 Когда идут дожди - Лев Барашков
08 Над кромкой леса - Инструментальный ансамбль
09 Пусть знает ещё кто-нибудь – «Голубой ансамбль» п/у Петара Сана
10 Zeme zeid - Женский вокальный октет и Рижский эстрадный оркестр
11 Голубая мечта - Оркестр п/у В.Игнатьева
12 Лето проходит - Инструментальный ансамбль п/у В.Клейнота
13 Insensatez – п/у А.Тартаковского
14 The shadow of you smile - Вокальный джаз п/у Г.Зарха

Босса Нова 3 [192kbps 1962-1973]

Monday, May 07, 2007

even more lee — realy!

We interrupt the Soviet broadcast to bring you three (3!) more precious pieces of the Hazlewood OOP puzzle, thanks to the selfless efforts of our good friend Henrik:
and I must say these have already become some of my favourite Hazlewood recordings.
There are a few familiar tracks here but they are different recordings, and to finally get to hear Lee live is a delicious treat — his dry irony glows forth.

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
[1973 224kbps VIF 5004]
01 - Lone Ranger Ain't My Friend Anymore
02 - She Comes Running
03 - Stone Lost Child
04 - I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (feat. Ann-Kristin Hedmark)
05 - Urge For Going
06 - Taxi
07 - Paris Song
08 - A Better Place To Be

The Stockholm Kid - Live At Berns
[1974 224kbps CBS 80534]
01 - The Performer
02 - You Look Like A Lady
03 - It Was A Very Good Year
04 - Hello In There
05 - Medley: Jackson / Summer Wine / Sugar Town / Some Velvet Morning / Houston / These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
06 - Fire And Rain
07 - Come Spend The Morning
08 - She Comes Running
09 - A Better Place To Be

A House Safe For Tigers
(Må Vårt Hus Förskonas Från Tigrar)

[1975 224kbps CBS 80383]
01 - Soul's Island
02 - A House Safe For Tigers
03 - Our Little Boy Blue
04 - Absent Friends (Instrumental)
05 - Sand Hill Anna And The Russian Mouse
06 - Lars-Gunnar And Me
07 - Soul's Island
08 - Las Vegas (Instrumental)
09 - The Nights
10 - A House Safe For Tigers (Choir)

All Hail Our Glorious Benefactor Henrik!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bossa Nova USSR #2

"Still the most beautiful music in the USSR"

01 Босса-нова - Ансамбль А. Полякова
02 День рождения - Ансамбль А. Тартаковского
03 Босса-нова - Ансамбль Р. Грабштаса
04 Manha De Carnaval - Венера Майсурадзе
05 Босса-нова - Оркестр п/у В. Людвиковского
06 Совсем как на земле - Оркестр п/у В. Клейнота
07 Ave Maria - Анна Чернявская
08 Летний день - "Гайя", Оркестр п/у Р. Бабаева
09 Счастливого пути - Ансамбль "Граммафон"
10 Bossa Nova USA - Ансамбль В. Федорова
11 Девушка и кувшин - Ансамбль "Мелодия"
12 Босса-нова - Ансамбль Р. Грабштаса
13 Bossa Nova USA - Ансамбль "Камертон"
14 Осенний свет - Николай Никитский
15 Осень - Ансамбль А. Тартаковского
Босса нова 2 [192kbps]

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Bossa Nova USSR #1

"The most beautiful music in the USSR"

continuing on the soviet theme,
more easy-listening treasures from the vaults:

01 Garota De Ipanema (A.C. Jobim) – Трио Александра Тартаковского
02 Manha De Carnaval (L.Bonfa, автор французского текста неизвестен) – Эдита Пьеха
03 Manha De Carnaval (тема из музыки к фильму «ORFEU NEGRU») (L.Bonfa) – Квартет Р. Бабаева
04 Samba De Uma Nota So (A.C. Jobim) – Ансамбль "Миниатюр" п/у В. Чижика
05 Бocca-Нова (В. Ганелин) – Эстрадно-симфонический оркестр п/у Ю. Силантьева
06 Песня в платочке (В. Купревич-В. Семернин) – Анатолий Горохов
07 На рассвете (А.Абрамов) – Ансамбль народных инструментов п/у М. Шейнкмана
08 Тихий вечер (В.Миронов)– Московское трио гитаристов
09 В осеннем лесу (А. Цфасман) – Александр Цфасман
10 Desafinado (A.C. Jobim , N.Mendonca) – Ленинградский вокальный джаз п/у Г. Зарха
11 Ноктюрн (Я.Дубравин) – Ансамбль п/у В. Игнатьева
12 Босса-Нова (В.Зильберт)– Эстрадный оркестр Литвы п/у Ю. Тишкуса
13 Desafinado (A.C. Jobim , N.Mendonca) – Аби Зейдер
14 Прости меня (А.Мажуков) – "ВИО-66"
15 Древние словa (мелодия из к/ф «УЛЫБНИСЬ СОСЕДУ») (Л. Гарин) – Зоя Харабадзе, Вадим Лыньковский
Босса Нова 1 [192kbps]

Monday, April 30, 2007

out of the cold [war]

and into the cool...

More classic sounds from the cultural archives
of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.
—this time for the holiday you can take—in your mind...

Music for Holidays
Музыка для отдыха
01 "ВИО-66", Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Парафраз на темы песни И Дунаевского из к-ф "Волга-Волга" (5:20)
02 "ВИО-66", Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Забыть нельзя (6:16)
03 "ВИО-66", Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Парафраз на темы песни Ю Милютина из к-ф "Сердца четырех" (4:52)
04 "ВИО-66", Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Луна над Майями (4:29)
05 "ВИО-66", Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Парафраз на темы песни Л Лядовой "Старый друг" (5:12)
06 "ВИО-66", Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Прости меня (4:04)
07 "ВИО-66", Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Это так на вас похоже (4:45)
08 "ВИО-66", Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Парафраз на темы популярных песен И Дунаевского (6:40)
09 А Кузнецов, Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Посвящение (Bonus) (5:45)
10 А Кузнецов, Эстрадный оркестр, Алексей Мажуков - Босса-нова ("Алеша") (Bonus) (4:42)
11 "ВИО-66", Юрий Саульский - День за днем (Bonus) (3:55)
check out [192kbps]

the lounge behind the [iron] curtain

You may be surprised
what a smooth soothing groove
is being piped to the waiting-room behind that iron curtain:

Lazy Shake — “Soviet Easy Leastining”
Ленивый шейк
01 Инструментальный ансамбль "Рококо" - Рококо (2:18)
02 Инструментальный ансамбль "Рококо" - Дюны (3:46)
03 Вокальный квартет "Аккорд" - Эхо (2:40)
04 Инструментальный ансамбль "Рококо" - Лесной ручей (3:30)
05 Инструментальный ансамбль "Рококо" - Галантная пьеса (3:30)
06 Инструментальный ансамбль "Рококо" - Ленивый шейк (3:06)
07 Вокальный квартет "Аккорд" - Пингвины (2:04)
08 Джаз-ансамбль "Балалайка" - Зеленый горошек (2:41)
09 Инструментальный ансамбль "Рококо" - Ветерок (3:39)
10 Джаз-ансамбль "Балалайка" - Дыхание юга (3:19)
11 Анатолий Горохов и джаз-ансамбль "Балалайка" - Дальних звезд огни (3:46)
12 Инструментальный ансамбль "Рококо" - Долина цветов (2:27)
13 Инструментальный ансамбль "Рококо" - Танец влюбленных (3:01)
14 Джаз-ансамбль "Балалайка" - Дедушкина свирель (4:24)
15 Джаз-ансамбль "Балалайка" - Тульский самовар (2:11)
check in [192kbps]

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lee again

Here's another piece of the Lee Hazlewood puzzle, with many thanks to Henrik!

Here Lee heads out on the Highway in that classic 1970s country genre, the Truckin' album.
This one's particularly idiosyncratic — there's even a Kung Fu number here!

Movin’ On [1977 128kbps]
01 Mother Country Music.mp3
02 I've Got To Be Movin'.mp3
03 The Rising Star.mp3
04 Come On Home To Me.mp3
05 It's For My Dad.mp3
06 Let's Burn Down The Cornfield.mp3
07 Hello Saturday Morning.mp3
08 Wait Till Next Year.mp3
09 L.A. Lady.mp3
10 Paris Bells.mp3
11 Kung Fu You.mp3
12 It Was A Very Good Year.mp3

Now if anyone can point us to "A house safe for tigers" and "I'll be your baby tonight" we would all be thoroughly appreciative...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Gems of the Soviet Space Age #2

Here's phase two of Vyacheslav Mescherin's mesmerising musical marvels with some extra tracks not on the CD.
If only there were more of this...
There will be some other wonders of the Soviet Era to follow however!

01 Фарфоровая статуэтка - Porcelain Statuette - Porcelain Statuette - 1979
02 Сибирская мелодия - Siberian Melody - 1979
03 Вологодские кружева - Vologda Lace - 1978
04 Лютня - Lute - 1975
05 Медвежонок - Bear Cub - 1976
06 Упрямый робот - Persistent Robot - 1986
07 Погожий день - Fine Day - 1975
08 Прялка - Spinning Wheel - 1977
09 Ойе – ухажер - Oh, Philanderer - 1980
10 Задумчивый танец - Deep Thought Dance - 1967
11 Цветы - Flowers - 1976
12 Навязчивый мотив - Haunting Melody - 1973
13 Вечерняя Босса-Нова - Evening Bossa-Nova - 1979
14 Мансарда - Garret - 1982
15 После дождя - After The Rain - 1974
+ bonuses from vinyl and collections - no dates (VBR):
16 Я вижу звёзды - I See Stars
17 Белое золото - White gold
18 Укротитель змей - Snake Charmer
19 Гавайский вальс - Hawaiian Waltz
20 В дальний путь - In a distant way
21 Мелодия из к/ф «Путь к причалу» - A melody from "the Way to a mooring "

Easy CCCP Part 2 [@192kbps/vbr]

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Gems of the Soviet Space Age #1

now a real treat for lounge-lovers and
those with an interest in Space-Age Pop:
some genuine Soviet electronic exotica!

Here’s the first volume of a compilation of the work of Russian composer, arranger and orchestra leader Vyacheslav Mescherin. This brilliant combination of conventional and electronic instrumentation is what I’d describe as quirky, nerdy and a perhaps just a little off-centre.
If you like your cocktails with a vodka base and prefer exploring the cosmos to mere astronomy, slip on some larger glasses and get set for take off! And with titles like "On the Kolkhoz Poultry Farm" and "Dancing Dwarves" how could you stray off course?

from the CD booklet, the only passage in English:
"One way to call it is "Russian Exotica" or "Soviet Incredibly Strange Music". Vyacheslav Mescherin's "Ensemble of Electro-Musicai Instruments" has been the USSR'S space-age answer to Esquivel, Martin Denny, Joe Meek and other sonic travellers and explorers.
Throughout the thirty plus years long career, this small orchestra has left an enormous heritage of more than a thousand recorded tracks. A lot of them sound very mainstream, some are obviously cloned from Western donors, but many are truly unique thanks to both obscure Soviet-made instruments and some
unlikely sources of musical inspiration (from Siberian folklore to Communist propaganda songs).
Not surprisingly, the work of Mescherin was considered totally kitschy and outdated by rock and modem pop audiences, and has been completely forgotten up until very recently. Now, re-discovered by the new generation of electronica lovers, Vyacheslav Mescherin's weird music once again serves for fun, dance and—this time—sampling!"
—Artemy Troitsky
— author of "Back In the USSR ": The True Story of Rock In Russia"
and "Tusovka: Whatever Happened to the Soviet Underground Culture".

01 По дороге в школу - On the Way to School - 1967
02 Юмореска - Sketch - 1974
03 Танцуем шейк - Dancing Shake - 1964
04 На даче - At the Summer Cottage- 1967
05 Царевна-лягушка - Froggy The Princess- 1969
06 Как заяц лису перехитрил - How a Hare Cheated a Fox - 1969
07 Куба, моя Куба - Cuba My Cuba - 1973
08 Последний год в школе - The Last Year in School - 1964
09 Эль Бимбо - El Bimbo - 1979
10 Танец эфиопского шута - Ethiopian Joker’s Dance - 1968
11 Танец пингвинов - Penguin Dance - 1967
12 На колхозной птицеферме - On the Kolkhoz Poultry Farm - 1961
13 На пляже - On the Beach - 1969
14 Танцующие гномы - Dancing Dwarves - 1973
15 На берегу лазурного залива - On the Azure Gulf Coast - 1973
16 Когда на улице мороз - When It’s Frosty in the Street - 1968
17 Лягушки - Frogs - 1980
18 Ночная мелодия - Night Melody - 1969
19 Галоп №2 - Gallop - 1970
20 Фантазии на перуанские темы - Fantasies on Peru Themes - 1962
21 Музыкальный ящик - Music Box - 1969
22 Воздушная кукуруза - Popcorn - 1979

Yes the track titles and tags are all in Russian.
There is plenty more to come in the Soviet Easy Listening genre — keep those attic crystal sets tuned — the Party will approve!
easy CCCP [192kbps]

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Re-Lee Cool Re-Cap

I am re-posting a definitive list of all the OOP Lee Hazlewood albums I have had the honour to hear and colate so far (various bitrates), with new download links, since all the old links have expired. I hope there is continued interest in these remarkable recordings so the links don’t expire...

solo albums

01 First Street Blues
02 I Had a Friend
03 I'm Gonna Fly
04 Go Die Big City
05 I Ain't Gonna Be
06 Have You Made Any Bombs Today?
07 Everybody Calls Me Something
08 Save Your Vote for Clarence Mudd
09 I Might Just Break Even
10 Just Bluesin'

FRIDAY'S CHILD Reprise RS-6163 1965
01 Friday's child
02 Hutchinson Jail
03 By The Way (I Still Love You)
04 Four Kinds Of Lonely
05 Houston
06 Sally Was A Good Old Girl
07 Since You're Gone
08 A Real Live Fool
09 I'm Blue
10 The Fool
11 That Old Freight Train
12 Me And Charlie

01 Summerwine
02 These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
03 Friday's Child
04 Sugartown
05 Shades
06 So Long Babe
07 How Does That Grab You Darlin'
08 In Our Time
09 Not The Lovin' Kind
10 Leave My Dog Alone
11 Houston

LOVE AND OTHER CRIMES Reprise RS-6297 1968
01 Love And Other Crimes
02 Morning Dew
03 She Comes Running
04 Rosacoke Street
05 She's Funny That Way
06 The House Song
07 Wait And See
08 Forget Marie
09 Pour' man
10 Love and other crimes (reprise)

FORTY LHI S-12009 1970
01 It Was A Very Good Year
02 What's More, I Don't Need Her
03 The Night Before
04 The Bed
05 Paris Bells
06 Wait Til Next Year
07 September Song
08 Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
09 Bye Babe
10 Mary

01 Long Haired Country Boy
02 That's How I Got to Memphis
03 In a Young Girl's Mind
04 The Ballad of Lucy Jordan
05 An Old Lullaby
06 The Fool
07 Indian Summer (L'été indien)
08 My Girl Bill
09 Crazy Mama
10 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
11 To Ramona
12 Brevet Fràn Lillan


Rare 45rpm Extras
archive includes:
1 Ode to Billy Joe
2 Charlie Bill Nelson
3 Rainbow Woman
4 I Am, You Are
5 Trouble Promo - Autobiography narated in the style of the introductions on Trouble and N.S.V.I.P.s

(Why Must I Die) The Girl On Death Row
- Released May 1960 on Jamie [320kbps Cat#1158]
Lee Hazlewood & Duane Eddy
B side: Words Mean Nothing

The Shacklefords -

Until you've heard the Shacklefords, you ain't heard nothin' yet 1963
01 Mama Was a Cotton Picker
02 (There Goes) The Big Boss Man
03 Sweet Mollye (Life can be so Cruel)
04 Golden Bells
05 If The World Don't End Tomorrow (I'm Coming After You)
06 A Stranger In Your Town
07 Our little Boy Blue
08 Caro-Lyn
09 Big River
10 After That
11 Stand Up
12 You'll Never Have My Love So True

The Shacklefords Sing 1966 - 4 tracks only from this album - anyone have the whole LP?
01 The City Never Sleeps
04 Mansion of Tears
05 Muddy, Muddy River
10 Five Feet High And Risin'

I’m still hoping these will turn up some day - any offers?

DID YOU EVER w. Nancy Sinatra RCA Victor LSP-4645 1972
MOVIN’ ON 1977

If you haven’t heard, Lee Hazlewood is on his way out, suffering from renal cancer with perhaps a year to live, philosophically preparing for what he calls his “dirt nap”...
read more here

His final album, Cake or Death was released last month.

"I'm 77. I've been around long enough now.
I've lived a pretty interesting life - not too
much sadness, a lot of happiness, lots of fun.
And I didn't do much of anything I didn't want to do."

— Lee Hazlewood

Monday, January 29, 2007

a long weekend at Hotel Easy

Here is the complete known Hotel Easy series of library cuts released by Virgin in 1996-97 and now seemingly impossible to find.
I presented volume 3 as one of Realm of |X| earliest posts.
The rest are here as received; unfortunately the Artist tags are missing on Vols 1 & 2.
If anyone has the complete information I would be very happy to make the corrections...

Golden Cavalcade Casino
hotel Easy Volume 1

1. Grandstand
2. Competitors
3. Thrills And Spills
4. Where The Action Is (Aka Mono Ski)
5. Guitar Gambler
6. Tycoon
7. Jackpot
8. Top Chrono
9. Dangerous Assignment
10. Go Getter
11. Action Line
12. Risk Business

13. Syndicate
14. City In The Sun
15. Hot Property
16. Sporting Highlights
17. Ill Winds
18. Hollywood Scene
19. Hot Module
20. Organ Blower
21. Trombones In The Night
22. Calender Girl
23. French Kick
volume 1 [192kbs]

La Scandale Discotheque
hotel Easy Vol 2

1. Boogie Juice
2. Hot Pants
3. Espresso Bongo
4. Young Generation
5. Jet Setters
6. Pulsator
7. Cutting The Funk
8. Friday Feeling
9. Trend Setters
10. Pop Package
11. Freak Out
12. Thunderbird
13. Crime Squad
14. World Cup
15. On The South Side
16. 49th Street Shakedown
17. Soul City
18. Making It
19. Soul Organ Impromptu
20. Thunder Thighs
21. Night Fever
22. Disco Disco
23. Mission Just Possible

volume 2 [192kbs]

Playmates Penthouse Hotel Easy Volume 3
01 Penthouse Suite (Aka Man Friday) - S Dale - 1969
02 Secret Service (Aka Bill Sykes) - S Dale - 1969
03 Butterfly - J Haider - 1971
04 Florida Playboy - J Hawksworth - 1969
05 Good Thing Going - Alan Hawkshaw - 1968
06 Club 69 (Aka Close Down)
- Alan Hankshaw/D Gould - 1968
07 Teen Lovers (Aka A Big Moody)
- B Martin/P Coulter - 1967
08 Call Me (The New Classic Singers) - T Hatch - 1966
09 Beat Me Till I'm Blue - Alan Hankshaw - 1969
10 Time For Romance - G Rees - 1985
11 Gingerbread - Alan Hankshaw - 1973
12 Theme For A Dream - Sam Fonteyn - 1969
13 Satin Sounds - D Walter - 1994
14 Je Reviews - K Mansfield - 1969
15 Solitaire - Alan Parker - 1975
16 Summer Love - J Danksworth - 1969
17 Young Emotions - Alan Hankshaw - 1969
18 First Affair - Alan Hankshaw - 1973
19 Girl With The Beautiful Hair - M Moran - 1975
20 Half Forgotton Daydreams - J Cameron - 1973
21 A Kiss In The Moonlight (Aka Sophisticated Sell)
- J Pearson - 1968
22 Pussycat (Cy Coleman) - Cy Coleman/B Sckluger - 1964
23 Bed Of Roses - J Pearson - 1971

volume 3 [192kbs]

Paco's Poolside Bar
Hotel Easy Vol 4

1. Girl In A Sports Car - A. Hawkshaw 1973
2. Eurotrash - Peter Moore 1995
3. Fun In The Sun - H. Richardson 1969
4. Riviera Affair - H.Richardson/G.Ross 1969
5. Lazy Day - Peter Moore 1973
6. Sandals In The Sand - John Shakespeare 1969
7. Clear Waters - A. Parker/A. Hawkshaw 1973
8. International Playground - R.Tibley 1969
9. The Millionaires - A.Hawkshaw 1973
10. Never A Dull Moment - J.CLarke 1973
11. Beauty Parade - S.Dale 1965
12. New Image - K.Mansfield 1970
13. Going Places - James Clarke 1973
14. Holiday Commercial - A.Hawkshaw 1970
15. Travelling Free - L.Johnson 1965
16. Pacific Playground - S.Dale 1967
17. Caribbean Cruise - W.Toatz 1970
18. Montego Bay - L.Johnson 1965
19. Brazil Brazil - Sam Fontega 1969
20. The Free Life - J.Clarke 1969
21. Sunny Speed - J.Cameron 1973
22. Summer Convertible - R.Tibley 1969
23. Scooter Girl - A.Hawkshaw 1973

volume 4 [m4a files@128kbs]
alternative [mp3 converted from above files @104-178vbr]

old links will be repaired

Due to the expiration of my old account most of the files are no longer available. I will be re-uploading them in due course.
If you find a broken link to a particular file you're after, let me know and I'll make that one a priority. Please stay tuned...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Merry Xmas From The Space Age Realm of X Bachelor Pad

OK to make up for my shameful lack of shares lately, here’s one that is mysteriously OOP:
The inimitable Esquivel with his Christmas favourites.
Originally recorded in 1959 as one side of “The Merriest of Christmas Pop” (Ray Martin did the other side), these were re-released in 1996 and filled out to 29 minutes of fandangled Christmas fun with the addition of "Snowfall", "Sun Valley Ski Run", "Parade of the Wooden Soldiers" and "I Feel Merely Marvelous". The collection was book-ended with new recordings by Combustible Edison: Jingle Bells & Auld Lang Syne, with cute voice-overs by Señor Esquivel himself.

"What holiday cocktail party would be complete without some zooma-zoom-zoom and doo-doo-doo to add to all of the ho-ho-hos? Take some Christmas classics, add a little retro sci-fi, hand it off to Señor Juan Esquivel and let him shake. (Or stir.) The result is still the same, as Merry Christmas from the Space Age Bachelor Pad turns every lounge into a swingin' Santa joint. The real highlight here is a reworking of "Jingle Bells" as only a masterfully hip maestro like Esquivel could achieve, with the help of some latter-day cocktailors from Combustible Edison. There's also a surprise cut, not a holiday classic per se, but a festive tune all the same: "I Feel Merely Marvelous," an old B side from Esquivel's heyday that was all but forgotten until now. Who knows--with the right mix of mistletoe and martinis, "I Feel Merely Marvelous" could become a seasonal favorite yet". –Steve Gdula,

Juan Garcia Esquivel died in 2002, after living long enough to see his music find favor with a new generation.

01. Jingle Bells (Greetings From Esquivel!)
02. White Christmas
03. Here Comes Santa Claus
04. Parade Of The Wooden Soldiers
05. The Christmas Song
06. Frosty The Snowman
07. Snowfall
08. Sun Valley Ski Run
09. Blue Christmas
10. Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
11. I Feel Merely Marvelous
12. Auld Lang Syne (Adios From Esquivel!)

Ho Ho Ho [192kps]

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Cha Cha Cha!

Not exactly maraca-less...
– a frivolous recording of questionable significance:

A Dutch release on the Carmen label, from Vroom & Dreesmann.
Light and fluffy, perfect for warming the winter nights for those north of the equator, or for that up-coming pool party for those lucky enough to reside on the summer end of the globe.
Hardly compensation for my appalling lack of attention to the Realm of X, but check back soon for an imminent Christmas present of far greater value...

Kant A
01 Le Gusta Su Chocolate
02 Despedida De Cuba
03 Everybody's Cha Cha Cha
04 Labios Rojos
05 Arroz Con Pollo
06 Hasta Mañana

Kant B
07 La Cantina De Salvador
08 Rayos De Luna
09 Conchita Bonita
10 Mi Sueño De Amor
11 Papillon Negro
12 Mujer Bonita

shake it! [192kbps stereo Carmen LP afspeelbar 3503082/undated]

Thursday, August 24, 2006

emphatically fanatical-Lee country

The Shacklefords
Until you've heard the Shacklefords, you ain't heard nothin' yet

Produced by Lee Hazlewood & Marty Cooper, and named after Naomi Shackleford - Lee Hazlewood's first wife and high school sweetheart. Lee wrote much of the material on this record, the first of two Shacklefords albums and his sonorous voice can be heard singing backup vocals on most tracks and in the foreground on a couple. The band also released a number of singles, their first being A stranger In Your Town (track 6).
If the liner notes are to be trusted, Lee Hazlewood was breaking new ground here in defining the crossover genre of Country Folk:

"The Shacklefords have come up with just about the doggonedest sound you've ever heard. And I'm surprised that no one thought of it before, because the idea of combining two of America's distinct native musical heritages—folk music and country music—is a natural.
After all, the roots are basically the same—southern and southwest in origin— and the blend of the two is like putting together steak and potatoes."
— Jack Tracy, Mercury Recording Director

Richie Unterberger from All Music Guide, is not so kind:
"An interesting combination of folk and country music presented in an honest, warm and appealing manner" boasts the banner on the back sleeve... To "honest, warm and appealing" they could have added "bland." That's even though most of the songs were written, together or separately, by Lee Hazlewood and his sometime cohort Marty Cooper. And, yes, even though ace session men like James Burton, Hal Blaine, Billy Strange, and Al Casey play on the album. It's wholesome, pretty sterile whitebread folk-country, in the manner of many early-1960s folk LPs that were trying to be variety-show entertainment more than they were a vehicle for personal expression, or steeped in authentic folk music. Just one song, "Our Little Boy Blue," has the sort of eccentricity typical of much of Hazlewood's stranger work, with his dust-dry narration of a lyric impossible to pigeonhole as either cornball or put-on satire. Hazlewood's unmistakably deep, debauched-Johnny Cash-style vocals are heard from time to time (usually in the background), but only Hazlewood fanatics will want this in their collection."

Well, Ritchie, I must be one of those fanatics!
After repeated listenings in the process of cleaning up this rip I'm hooked on this sound - there's an optimism and vitality there that keeps me humming... clearly it never claimed to be "authentic" but if you like the sound of Country before it disappeared up it's own fundamental orifice in the latter decades of the twentieth century, give it a listen... To me this is catchy country pop at it's simplistic and sentimental best!

01 Mama Was a Cotton Picker
02 (There Goes) The Big Boss Man
03 Sweet Mollye (Life can be so Cruel)
04 Golden Bells
05 If The World Don't End Tomorrow (I'm Coming After You)
06 A Stranger In Your Town
07 Our little Boy Blue
08 Caro-Lyn
09 Big River
10 After That
11 Stand Up
12 You'll Never Have My Love So True

Come 'n' get it! [160kbps mono Mercury LP MG 20806/1963]
scans & full album text included in archive

Sunday, August 13, 2006

now for some Light relief:

Project 3 presents The Enoch Light Singers:
Dream A Little Dream of Me

from the back cover:
Exciting new winds are blowing through popular music these days. The musical revolution set off by the success of such singing groups as the Beatles, Herman's Hermits and other rock groups has spread out and left its touch on every aspect of contemporary music.

The style and approach originally formulated by small singing groups has been picked up by instrumentalists so that a completely new view of instrumental music has appeared. Musicians playing in dance bands and orchestras, whose concepts had stayed more or less the same since the great days of the big bands, have found a wonderfully freshening excitement in the musical ideas that they hear the small singing groups putting out.

Listening to this development — the progression of influences from the small singing groups to the instrumentalists — Enoch Light perceived at least one direction in which it was leading: The next step, the next progression of influence, would be a large group of singers whose attack and phrasing picked up the drive and intensity of a big band even while it reflected the basic singing styles of the small groups.

That was why he organised and trained the Enoch Light Singers — sixteen superb, well drilled voices, eight girls, eight boys, who phrase and sing in the same way as today's most advanced musicians.

What he undertook was a kind of choral work that had never been attempted before. To get his new group to sing just the way today's musicians play, Light first had them study the musicians' attack on a song very closely. Then he drilled them to phrase in the same way the musicians did, using a fall-off or whatever stylistic devices might occur.

The arrangements of the twelve big hits with which Enoch Light introduces his Singers start from the original small group treatment and are developed through the use of all the elements that have given contemporary music its great popularity. The instrumentation, the styling in both playing and singing, the use of dynamics — all are part of Light's broadened concept.

For Enoch Light, this is one more step in the extraordinarily exploratory direction in which he has always moved. It was Enoch Light who first gave stereo a musical meaning. His records have consistently pointed the way that others have followed, whether he was reaching back into the fun and music of the 20's, popularising the big band cha cha or the bossa nova or the big band discotheque.

With the creation of the Enoch Light Singers, he's still moving with the times - and, as usual, he's out front, pointing the way.

This one's on the Australian Universal Summit Records label.

01 I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
02 I Say A Little Prayer
03 Green Tambourine
04 It Must Be Him
05 Love Is Blue
06 Ode To Billy Joe
07 People Got to Be Free
08 Whoever You Are, I Love You
09 Hello I Love You
10 Dream a Little Dream of Me
11 Harper Valley PTA
12 Lady Willpower

dream on [192kps Undated-196? SRA250 031]

Friday, July 14, 2006

another singular Lee single

Thanks to Asclepius here is a high quality vinyl rip
of the excellent Lee Hazlewood/Duane Eddy 45:

(Why Must I Die) The Girl On Death Row
B side: Words Mean Nothing

Released May 1960 on Jamie [320kbps Cat#1158]

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Soft Machinations

Here's Soft Machine's first single:

A-Side: Love Makes Sweet Music (Ayers)
Recorded January 1967 at Advision
Produced by Chas Chandler
B-Side: Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin' (Ayers)
Recorded January 1967 at CBS London
Produced by Kim Fowley

This rip was made from the Triple Echo compilation 3 LP boxed set [March 1977]
There is a remastered CD out there somewhere with these songs on it...
Released 17 February 1967 [96kbps mono]

The Gomelsky Demos:

Recorded in London in April 1967 and produced by the legendary Giorgio Gomelsky (Yardbirds manager and one-time associate of Gong and Magma, also see Julie Driscoll post below), these nine demos feature the original Soft Machine line up of Robert Wyatt (vocals & drums), Kevin Ayers ( bass & vocals), Mike Ratledge (piano & organ) and Daevid Allen (guitar). Although never intended for release, these rough but accomplished performances show the band at their most pop oriented.
There's a great interview with Daevid Allen, describing this early period of the Soft Machine here.

These tracks were not released until 1971, on Rock Generation Volumes 7 & 8 by French label BYG. Subsequently turned up on various vinyl and CD issues as 'Jet Propelled Photographs'
This rip was made from a German self-titled release on Metronome 200.137 [1973]

01 That's How Much I Need You Now
02 Save Yourself
03 I Should've Known
04 Jet Propelled Photograph (a.k.a. Shooting At The Moon)
04 You Don't Remember
05 When I Don't Want You
06 06 Memories
08 She's Gone
09 I'd Rather Be With You

Soft Demos [96kbps mono]