Monday, March 03, 2008

Soviet Surfectant

Valery Prikazchikov: Electron & New Electron Quartets - Surf (1965-1970)

After another long and inexcusable lapse in activity:
Here's another Soviet gem of instrumental easy listening, re-presented on this Melodya compilation as "Surf".
I suspect you will agree that the waves could not have been very large on the Black Sea in the 1960s...

[poorly] translated from liner notes:
In 1963, Radio Yunost announced a new young group - quartet Electron. "We decided to call our ensemble so, - wrote the head of "Electron" Valery Prikazchikov - not only because it is based on electric tools. We want to make sure that the execution is modern. Thus I thought the name "Electron" expressed our desire." Today Electron - a popular variety of ensembles, has performed successfully in many cities of the country with programmes and recitals with famous artists of pop. True, its composition has changed over the years, hence the different name - "The new electron." The artistic director - still Valery Prikazchikov (electric guitar), the other members: - B. Gerkulenko (rhythm guitar), Vladimir Pankratov (drums), Vladimir Zaikin (bass guitar). The main repertoire of the New electron: "- pop - dance music, with a vivid and clear rhythm and original instrumentation. So hear "The New Electron" - performing dance pieces by Soviet & foreign composers with arrangements by Valery Prikazchikova. (1969)

01. Electron Quartet - Return (2:33)
02. Electron Quartet - Melody of to-fax "Bum" (2:37)
03. Electron Quartet - Sundial (2:35)
04. Electron Quartet - Cheerful tourists (2:02)
05. Electron Quartet - Four orbit (1:42)
06. Electron Quartet - Evening shadows (2:42)
07. Electron Quartet - Melody of to-fax Sherburgskie "umbrellas" (3:09)
08. Electron Quartet - View (1:46)
09. Electron Quartet - The House of the Rising Sun (2:17)
10. Electron Quartet - New Dance (2:22)
11. Quartet New Electron - Svetlana Lullaby (3:24)
12. Valery Prikazchikov - Watussi (2:57)
13. Quartet New Electron - Grez (3:49)
14. Quartet New Electron - Steps in the night (1:59)
15. Quartet New Electron - Faster audio (2:11)
16. Quartet New Electron - Ten thy smiles (3:37)
17. Quartet New Electron - Solar blink (2:08)
18. Valery Prikazchikov - Continuous motion (1:42)

As with previous Soviet posts, I have taken care to retain the original cyrillic track tags.
If you want English translations, run them through Google Language Tools - as I did with the tracklist above...


Blogger litlgrey said...

Fuck! I thought I had the Cyrillic character set installed, but the MP3s themselves change to gibberish names.

Fortunately, the Cyrillic holds up in your track tags... that was really thoughtful.

First track I played at random was "Шаги в ночи" (Steps in the Night) and I was surprised how well it was recorded... no rechanneled stereo here!

2:58 pm, March 03, 2008  
Anonymous Jaywalker said...

On the russian libraries posted, the songs marked as "Мелодия из к/ф" it translates as "Song from the movie" (к/ф - kino -film)

8:04 pm, March 26, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faster audio = Faster than sound

Ten thy smiles = Shadow of your smile

Thanks for this incredible find

9:36 am, May 07, 2008  
Blogger ¡Mateo es así! said...

Thanks for all the Soviet music. I'm really enjoying it.

4:19 am, June 13, 2008  

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