Friday, July 14, 2006

another singular Lee single

Thanks to Asclepius here is a high quality vinyl rip
of the excellent Lee Hazlewood/Duane Eddy 45:

(Why Must I Die) The Girl On Death Row
B side: Words Mean Nothing

Released May 1960 on Jamie [320kbps Cat#1158]

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Soft Machinations

Here's Soft Machine's first single:

A-Side: Love Makes Sweet Music (Ayers)
Recorded January 1967 at Advision
Produced by Chas Chandler
B-Side: Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin' (Ayers)
Recorded January 1967 at CBS London
Produced by Kim Fowley

This rip was made from the Triple Echo compilation 3 LP boxed set [March 1977]
There is a remastered CD out there somewhere with these songs on it...
Released 17 February 1967 [96kbps mono]

The Gomelsky Demos:

Recorded in London in April 1967 and produced by the legendary Giorgio Gomelsky (Yardbirds manager and one-time associate of Gong and Magma, also see Julie Driscoll post below), these nine demos feature the original Soft Machine line up of Robert Wyatt (vocals & drums), Kevin Ayers ( bass & vocals), Mike Ratledge (piano & organ) and Daevid Allen (guitar). Although never intended for release, these rough but accomplished performances show the band at their most pop oriented.
There's a great interview with Daevid Allen, describing this early period of the Soft Machine here.

These tracks were not released until 1971, on Rock Generation Volumes 7 & 8 by French label BYG. Subsequently turned up on various vinyl and CD issues as 'Jet Propelled Photographs'
This rip was made from a German self-titled release on Metronome 200.137 [1973]

01 That's How Much I Need You Now
02 Save Yourself
03 I Should've Known
04 Jet Propelled Photograph (a.k.a. Shooting At The Moon)
04 You Don't Remember
05 When I Don't Want You
06 06 Memories
08 She's Gone
09 I'd Rather Be With You

Soft Demos [96kbps mono]

Friday, July 07, 2006

Velvets' Black Side

Here is my third and final contribution to the Velvet Underground's bootleg back-catalog:
more tracks that I haven’t heard elsewhere, but a lot less information this time...
Once again the sound is mono and a little murky
(hey, it's a bootleg)
but well worth the price of admission!

01 Sister Ray (Bottom Line, NY 1970)
02 White Light-White Heat (Max's Kanzas City NY July26 1970)
03 Candy Says
(Max's Kanzas City NY August23 1970)
04 Do It Again (studio outtake -no date)
05 I'm Set Free (Philadelphia 1970)
06 Pale Blue Eyes
(Philadelphia 1970)
07 Heroin (Lou Reed & John Cale practice before Bataclan Concert, Paris January25 1972)
08 I'm Waiting For My Man (Lou Reed & Patti Smith Group, CBGB's NY May4 1977)

incredible Recordmakers, Australia [160kbps mono 1983]

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Velvet Underground - "and so on..."

Here's the second LP treat, this time from 1982, another Australian bootleg of (at the time) previously unreleased material!
More rare gems here for the VU fanatic that as far as I know don't appear anywhere else:
Pale Blue Eyes — this version is my favourite VU song of all, with completely different lyrics to the officially released recordings. Recorded October 2, 1968 at La Cave...
Radio Ad — an amusing promo for their 3rd album
Loop — controlled distortion and feedback looped in the minimalist tradition of Terry Riley et al.
From the liner notes:
"Loop" first appeared as a flexi-disc enclosed in Aspen magazine, in the issue dated December 1966. Aspen was a sort of multi-media magazine, all sorts of things — usually with a common theme — enclosed in a decorative box. Volume one, issue three was coedited by David Dalton and Andy Warhol. It included, besides "Loop," an article by Lou Reed appraising the state of pop radio of the day. The "songwriting" credit on "Loop" went to John Cale, making it the only thing the V.U. ever released that Lou did not have a hand in writing. In fact, Cale is the only person playing on "Loop."

As per the previous post, this LP was issued in mono and many of the other tracks appear on official releases with superior sound quality, although some sound to me like alternative mixes. Again I've included them here for the sake of completeness. Full and detailed liner notes (this time by "Philip Milstein, Editor, What Goes On magazine, President, Velvet Underground Appreciation Society") included.

01 Guess I'm Falling in Love
02 It's Alright (The Way That You Live)
03 Pale Blue Eyes
04 One Of These Days
05 Radio Ad
06 Black Angel's Death Song
07 I'm Not Too Sorry
08 Stephanie Says
09 Loop

Plastic Inevitable Records SECOND-1 [160kbps Mono 1982]

Velvet Underground - "-etc"

I'm pleased to be able to offer you a treat from 1979, an Australian bootleg of (mostly) obscure Velvet Underground material!
There are some rare gems here for the VU fanatic that as far as I know don't appear on any current releases, including the following pre-VU recordings made when Lou Reed worked as a song writer for Pickwick Records:
Cycle Annie — as the Beachnuts
The Ostrich & Sneaky Pete — as The Primitives
You're Drivin' Me Insane — as the Roughnecks
These tracks are full of raw exuberance and ironic humour, essential listening if you liked the first official Velvet Undergound release!

Conversation — a 1966 time-capsule snippet released as a picture-flexi-disc with Andy Warhol's Index.
Noise — a VU sound montage, part of a record produced by the East Village Other (a vogue paper of the time) to commemorate the marriage of Luci Johnson, daughter of then president Lyndon Johnson.

The LP was issued in mono and the other tracks appear (more recently) on official releases with superior sound quality. I've included them here for the sake of completeness.
The sound quality is not fantastic, but where else can you hear this stuff?
The full and detailed liner notes (by C. Walker) are included as a text file.

01 Cycle Annie
02 The Ostrich
03 Sneaky Pete
04 You're Drivin' Me Insane
05 Conversation
06 Foggy Notion
07 Inside Your Heart
08 I'm Sticking With You
09 Ferryboat Bill
10 Noise

Plastic Inevitable Records FIRST 1 [160kbps mono 1979]

Sunday, July 02, 2006

another one for the list:

Thanks to an anonymous benefactor, here is Lee Hazlewood's Forty [LHI S-12009 - 1969 - 128kps] to add to your collections!

01 It Was A Very Good Year
02 What's More, I Don't Need Her
03 The Night Before
04 The Bed
05 Paris Bells
06 Wait Til Next Year
07 September Song
08 Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
09 Bye Babe
10 Mary

If you like Lee you'll probably be familiar with this.