Thursday, May 25, 2006

Listen: DIG IT! The Sound of Phase 4 Stereo

Here is another excellent (and hard to find) compilation from the Karminsky Experience, presented as a Stereo Sampler complete with cute verbal introductions to "The Wonderful World of Stereo".
One of four Karminsky compilations that I know of, the others can be found here:
Inflight Entertainment
Further Inflight Entertainment
Espresso Espresso

01 Route 66 - Frank Chacksfield & His Orchestra
02 Ticket To Ride - John Keating Sound
03 Make Like Shake - Shake Keane
04 Got My Feet On The Ground - Larry Page Orchestra
05 Coming Home Baby - Trax 4
06 Tequilla - Edmundo Ross And His Orchestra
07 Soul Sauce - Kenny Baker And Roland Shaw Orchestra
08 Spinning Wheel - Ted Heath And His Music
09 These Boots Are Made For Walking - Alan Tew Orchestra
10 Chain Of Fools - Shake Keane
11 Don't Cha Hear Me Calling Ya - Ted Heath
12 Twisting With James - Roland Shaw
13 Big M - Des Champ
14 Mas Que Nada - Chris Waxman
15 Venus - Claud Denjean
16 Girl In The White Coat (General Hospital) - Ray Martin
17 Soulful Strut - Ronnie Aldrich

dig it here [192kbs]

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mod groooves from swinging London

Don't let the cover scare you off!

Here's an outstanding collection of tracks that capture the swinging Mod groove of London in the mid sixties, re-released by Charly Records at some unspecified time, possibly the early eighties.
The recordings on Side A date from 1967 and feature the exquisite and powerful voice of Julie Driscoll with some heavy duty orchestral accompaniment. I know You Love Me Not (track 1) was arranged and conducted by Reg Guest and recorded on a simple 4-track (remarkable considering it's depth). The production (by Giorgio Gomelsky) is grandiose and melodramatic and I say that most enthusiastically!
Side B dates from 1964 and features Brian Auger playing some sizzling Hammond R&B grooves. The standout tracks to me are Tiger (complete with Hammond-simulated big cat noises) and Fool Killer, with the instrumental Kiko coming a close third. Auger really makes his keyboard fry!
While presented separately on this LP, Driscoll and Auger were partners at the time, both personally and musically. By all accounts they were at their best performing live...
Most of these tracks appeared on an earlier album also in my possession titled Jules/Brian — Julie Driscoll/Brian Auger and released on EMI's Music For Pleasure label.

Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger London 1964—1967 [192kbs]

01 I Know You Love Me Not
02 I Don't Want To Have To Do It
03 If You Should Ever Leave Me
04 Don't Do It No More
05 I Don't Know Where You Are
06 Shadows Of You
07 Kiko
08 Foolkiller
09 Let's Do It Tonight
10 Tiger
11 Come Back To Croydon
12 Own Up Lady Astor

Friday, May 12, 2006

getting EASYer

Here is the second volume in the EASY Project series, courtesy of the prolific but now sadly defunct endlessmike.

01 Fear Is the Key (Main Theme) - Roy Budd and His Orchestra
02 Out of This World - Tony Hatch
03 Funko - The Saint Orchestra
04 West End - The Laurie Johnson Orchestra
05 Mr. Rose - Roy Budd and His Orchestra
06 Sportsnight - The Tony Hatch Orchestra
07 Pinball Wizard - The Harry Roche Constellation
08 Wana Nana Wana Nana - The John Schroeder Orchestra
09 Turnpike Lane - Pete Moore's Orchestra and Chorus
10 Love Today, Cry Tomorrow - Cyril Stapleton
11 Man Alive - The Tony Hatch Sound
12 Blue Streak - Jerry Allen and His Trio
13 Sleep Walk - Killer Watts
14 The Virgin Soldiers March - The John Schroeder Orchestra
15 Le Blon - The City of Westminster String Band
16 Colditz March - The Alyn Ainsworth Orchestra
17 Peter Popgunn - The John Schroeder Orchestra
18 Limehouse - The Laurie Johnson Orchestra
19 London Life - Anita Harris
20 The Bird Has Flown - The John Schroeder Orchestra
21 The Car Chase - Roy Budd and His Orchestra
22 We Can Work It Out/Hey Jude - Killer Watts
23 unlisted - uncredited

The Easy Project II—House of Loungecore [ 1996 ]

the first volume can be found below:
The EASY Project - 20 Loungecore Favourites [ 1995 ]