Saturday, July 08, 2006

Soft Machinations

Here's Soft Machine's first single:

A-Side: Love Makes Sweet Music (Ayers)
Recorded January 1967 at Advision
Produced by Chas Chandler
B-Side: Feelin' Reelin' Squeelin' (Ayers)
Recorded January 1967 at CBS London
Produced by Kim Fowley

This rip was made from the Triple Echo compilation 3 LP boxed set [March 1977]
There is a remastered CD out there somewhere with these songs on it...
Released 17 February 1967 [96kbps mono]

The Gomelsky Demos:

Recorded in London in April 1967 and produced by the legendary Giorgio Gomelsky (Yardbirds manager and one-time associate of Gong and Magma, also see Julie Driscoll post below), these nine demos feature the original Soft Machine line up of Robert Wyatt (vocals & drums), Kevin Ayers ( bass & vocals), Mike Ratledge (piano & organ) and Daevid Allen (guitar). Although never intended for release, these rough but accomplished performances show the band at their most pop oriented.
There's a great interview with Daevid Allen, describing this early period of the Soft Machine here.

These tracks were not released until 1971, on Rock Generation Volumes 7 & 8 by French label BYG. Subsequently turned up on various vinyl and CD issues as 'Jet Propelled Photographs'
This rip was made from a German self-titled release on Metronome 200.137 [1973]

01 That's How Much I Need You Now
02 Save Yourself
03 I Should've Known
04 Jet Propelled Photograph (a.k.a. Shooting At The Moon)
04 You Don't Remember
05 When I Don't Want You
06 06 Memories
08 She's Gone
09 I'd Rather Be With You

Soft Demos [96kbps mono]


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Hi. I am just discovering your great blog thanks to your recent comments on Choco blog. Could you please reactivate the two Softmachine links since they are dead :-(.
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Great posting!
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