Wednesday, February 08, 2006


to the realm of X!

In this occasional blog I hope to share a few musical gems that I can't find elsewhere and so have spent far too much time converting from various analog formats.

I'm not a collector or music expert, just an appreciator of many styles of what I call music.
I can't hope to match the superb service that so many bloggers provide in sharing scarce and endangered music from days-of-yore, so I'll provide links to my favourites.

As my inaugural post I present a couple of obscure tracks from Lou Reed's pre Velvet Underground days, which have all the raw exuberance and humour of that band's previously released "previously unreleased" material:

These songs are from an Australian vinyl bootleg titled "the velvet underground -etc." and as far as I know have never been released officially. One day I hope to share the entire album plus a companion release titled "the velvet underground (and so on)" although a number of the tracks have subsequently turned up on various Velvets compilations...

Cycle Annie by the Beachnuts
You're Drivin' Me Insane by the Primitives
(more details here)

These two tracks were ripped from a well worn tape. If anyone out there can point me to a better quality rip of this record, the world will be a better place (and we all know it needs to be)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice blog you got! I try to manage to rip this some day, mine is vinyl so it is bit of a trouble to set things up... Until then:

Lipton from Deja Vu forum

10:35 pm, October 05, 2006  

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